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Four Seasons in One Day

Life of a Melbournite

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I'm a Melbournite who's a social worker by trade, and like to chill out watching all manner of TV shows and listening to all manner of music (except for Country and Western, Opera and Classical, not my cup of tea :P). I also like to laugh. A lot. Other indoor likes include reading and writing, cooking, and any remotely pleasant activity that enables me to avoid cleaning my room. Outdoors-wise, I don't mind rollerblading, bushwalking, and beaching during warmer months, even though I can't really swim XP

As a teen, I loved fantasy/sci-fiish shows like The X-Files, Sliders, Buffy, Angel, etc., and haven't changed all that much since. Did a psych degree in order to become a forensic psychologist like Fox Mulder, so yeah, David Duchovny was my first actor crush. I've had numerous ones since, and adore old school actors like Cary Grant and Alain Delon, as well as more 'artisan' type actors, e.g., Edward Norton, who aren't just in the biz because they're a pretty face. Believe it or not, this list does include Bruce Campbell! I'm also a dabbler in anime, political satire of most kinds, modern comedies without laugh tracks, martial arts films, cartoons with adult humour, odd foreign films, *educational* comedy variety shows, and sport. Viewing mostly.

I love the North Melbourne Football Club, and would kill for them.

I was in fangirly love with David Tennant and now am in fangirly love with Aaron Paul. Please pardon these fangirly fixations...they do pass eventually. I may also go on political rants at a moment's notice.

So welcome to my world :)

FYI: My layout's from fruitstyle and the lovely header was taken from a work done by Tim Doyle.

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